Anxiety in the Public Eye

22 Apr 2020 | Anxiety

According to Anxiety UK, more than one in 10 people are likely to have a ‘disabling anxiety disorder’ at some stage in their life. And we’re increasingly seeing celebrities use their public status as a platform to highlight what, to many, may feel like a very private battle with mental health.

Nadiya Hussain, celebrity chef, TV presenter and former Great British Bake Off winner have opened up to the media about her struggles with anxiety. She joins a long list of personalities, from Ruby Wax to Chris Hoy to Lady Gaga, who have each spoken of their plight to battle this crippling state of mind. But one thing they all have in common is a determination not only to fight this battle but to thrive in the face of it. 

Cheryl, a former member of girl-band Girls Aloud, credits Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to readjust her anxious thinking patterns. Adele attributes her anxiety to stage fright and understands this to be a natural response to the idea of performing, something she manages by ‘pushing through’. Nadiya, in her interview with the I newspaper this week on the topic of anxiety and self-isolation, says that ‘it’s OK just to be’.

However if anxiety starts to have an impact on your day to day activities, on your ability to enjoy life or reach your potential, you should consider seeking expert help from trained clinicians.

Anxiety is not attributed to status. Celebrities, politicians and other people in the public eye are subject to such feelings as are the rest of us.  Sadly, no one is immune to anxiety. Furthermore, there is no one size fits all approach to the way people choose to manage their anxiety or seek help therein. No wonder then, that finding help can feel overwhelming when we feel most vulnerable.

Welltech Medical offers its clients regular, everyday people, with a simple solution. Its online platform paves the way for people to access help and assessment for a specific concern from qualified professionals at an affordable cost. If being asked to specify your concern is too daunting or you are not sure what type of specialist help you need, Welltech Medical’s expert Clinicians offer an assessment that will recommend the most appropriate specialist, best suited to your individual need. This is our triage service. 

If we can learn to manage our anxieties, then a new world opens up to us and we may look forward to the possibilities that come our way; as Nadiya puts it, by ‘dreaming big’. Who knows, maybe you’ll send off that application for the Great British Bake Off next year after all.