Supporting young people in their time of need

10 Mar 2020 | Self Harm Behaviours

Self-harm behaviours represent acts of desperation, born from serious emotional distress. They should be considered as a red flag for everyone around the young person. Unfortunately, self-harm is very often hidden for a time before being discovered, as the young person may feel guilty about their actions. So following detection, the response needs to be swift, in order to provide effective support as soon as possible.

Young people who self-harm need to be treated with the same care, empathy and respect as people with physical health problems. The worst attitude to take is that self-harm is motivated by attention-seeking. Just step back a second and consider: how bad must things be for a young person to actually wound themselves? This is an action completely contrary to the basic instinct to protect oneself.

The government is trying its best to offer services to support mental health. However, demand is so high there can be delays in accessing help from NHS services. There are voluntary agencies and other organisations who can offer support. The key thing is to get the right help, right away, before the underlying problem becomes worse.

Welltech Medical offers early expert assessment, to identify the right type of individual support.

Welltech Medical Director, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist: Self Harm