Case Study

Providing support to families experiencing delayed CAMHS assessment

Mrs Lawson was a worried mother, desperately seeking support for her daughter. The Covid-19 pandemic and its resulting lockdown, had triggered Milly’s mental health to a point where she was living with a debilitating condition that was causing severe disruption, not only to her own day-to-day life; this was affecting the entire family in a serious way.

Mrs Lawson contacted the Child and Adolescent Health Services for the NHS (CAMHS). Milly was referred to a counsellor for a course of CBT therapy, with an appointment to see a CAMHS psychiatrist for clinical assessment. She was informed it would be a one-month wait until the next available psychiatrist appointment. Mrs Lawson felt she could not wait another day, due to Milly’s poor state of mental health and the strains on the family.

Mrs Lawson had been informed by a member of staff from CAMHS "I am aware of a website, called Welltech Medical, where you can look up a variety of professionals”. She called Welltech Medical at 4.30pm on a Thursday afternoon. An appointment was confirmed within 24 hours. Just two working days after the initial call was made, Milly accessed a 90- minute assessment with a clinical psychiatrist and the much-needed medication.
Mrs Lawson had found a solution that she initially thought would not be possible.

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