Mr Simon Mahony

  • CBT Therapist (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist), Counsellor
  • Registered With FDAP - 2299
In person Video Telephone

I am a non-judgemental, understanding therapist who has worked with clients presenting complex co-morbid conditions, such as addiction and mental health issues.

By using proven therapeutic theories of change I am able to work with most therapeutic issues, but my speciality and expertise is in the co-morbid relationship between mental-health issues and addictions, both substance and behavioural. Specialising in both mental-health problems and addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling, I am able to deliver a workable solution to a complex problem.

Area of Expertise:-
Co-morbidity, addiction and mental health

Qualifications & Experience:-
Working with complex young people with addiction and mental health issues

Appointment Type:-
Adults and young people.

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