Mrs Susan Watson

  • CBT Therapist (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist), Anxiety, Emotions and Trauma Specialist
  • Registered With GHR 7401,CNHC 000060-F17
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My name is Susan Watson and hypnotherapy and coaching has changed my life and I know that it can do the same for you. It offers you that chance in life to achieve your dreams and ambitions, it can give you that opportunity to set yourself a personal goal to keep you motivated and excited about the new and changing chapters in your life.

I work what's called 'content-free', which means you don't have to talk in a lot of detail about your most personal experiences - if you can feel it, I can work with it. I have a relaxed and down to earth approach and enjoy the open and honest interaction, my own life experiences have taught me the importance of trust and confidence and every client has this guarantee with me. I work in a way that has very effective and fast results, in most cases in a single session a change will have taken place. I offer many services such as Hypnosis, CBT Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), NLP, kinetic shift, EMDR, IEMT fast pain reduction techniques, inner journeys, 4Rs and many more. I use a mix of around 5 or 6 methods in every session to ensure you get the very best results

Area of Expertise:-
I specialise in working with anxiety, emotions, and trauma. I also work with female psychosexual issues. Child Anxiety under the age of 14 responds effectively to my CBT approach, please ask for further information.

Qualifications & Experience:-
I started working with workplace stress and mental health in 2001 and trained in Mental Health First Aid and Asist. I worked part-time as a practitioner in 2011 and have been working full time within my own practice since 2017. I am an Anxiety UK approved therapist and CNHC local champion.

Appointment Type:-
Adults and Children

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