Miss Sarah Thorpe

  • Counsellor, Family work
  • Registered With BACP 622219
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Hello my name is Sarah. I practice as an accredited BACP Counsellor. I have a background working in the mental health services helping adults, children & young people. What matters when working with others, is creating a trusting, transparent professional relationship. I provide warm, focused and individual approach to your needs.

Talking to a professionally trained counsellor is not like having a 'chat' with a friend. We have specific in- depth training on what and how life experiences and relationships affect our mental and emotional health. My approach is not about fixing you, or changing you. You may choose to change some of your behaviours but first we will work on being comfortable with who you are. That is when we see the long lasting change taking place. My core training is person centred, humanistic counselling. Establishing the right relationship with the client is at the forefront of my practice. Children process emotions and thoughts differently to adults, therefore in child/young persons therapy we will work creatively, using activities and exercises to help your child express and process emotions, feelings and thoughts through different mediums. We focus on restoring or building the feeling of wellness and stability. Parents can also seek some support on how to manage their own feelings about their child's behaviour. I can offer guidance on the best ways to respond to a child's challenging behaviour.

Area of Expertise:-
Work with separated parents; parenting coaching; child counselling; stress management: bereavement; bullying; social anxiety; ageing; illness or loss of physical/mental ability; worries about money.

Qualifications & Experience:-
I have enjoyed working with families and children in different capacities, for 20 years. I have delivered parenting programmes and family support in the community, and have worked with the mental health organisation Mind. I worked for Family Action delivering the Separated parent programme.

Appointment Type:-
Adults, young people and children (aged 8+)

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