We can usually confirm an appointment for you within 24 - 36 hours

You can arrange an appointment a number of ways.

  • If you are looking for help with a specific concern, then use the “problem/concern/symptoms” tab. Select the specific concern to find more information, then chose from the options accordingly.
  • If you are looking for a specific health package, then please go to book a package menu. If none of the above helps then you can get in touch via our Contact Us page.

If you are not sure what type of specialist you need, you may book an assessment. There are three options:

  • Consultation with a Primary Mental Health Worker - starting from £50
  • Consultation with a Primary Mental Health Worker, with input from a Consultant - starting from £100
  • Appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist - starting from £250

You can also register here

Everything within your appointment(s) is safely confidential, between you and your clinician, counsellor or therapist. Welltech Medical does not seek or have access to this information nor to any private communication between you and your GP. Your clinician, counsellor or therapist will discuss with you any need or permission for referral information to another practitioner or your GP. You are in control of this and your private information.

Better Access

You can access support quickly and avoid the long waiting times, particularly for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. In some areas waiting times to support adults are worse.

More Flexibility
Via the NHS you can normally only access care in the area you live.

You can access private help in an area that suits you, whatever your location.

You may book a consultation or appointment at a time that suits you.

More Choice, Taking Control

You may want a particular type of therapy that the NHS does not offer in your area.

Going private means you may find a specialist of your choice, accessing a consultant directly.

Medical or Health Insurance: you may already be covered

If you have medical or health insurance, check if the policy covers the treatment or care you need. Ask your insurance company about this first.

Early Help: feel better, quicker

If you sprained your arm or leg, you would not hesitate to get treated by a qualified doctor as soon as possible. For such physical health concerns, would you really resort to a self-help PDF, internet chat forum or smartphone app?

So why leave your mental health untreated?

We only take on board clinicians who are fully qualified and registered with the appropriate professional bodies. Before joining us, all clinicians have to provide evidence of their qualifications, professional association/registration and a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for those working with children, as evidence of Safer Recruitment. Once you have had your appointment, we invite you to provide feedback, so we may monitor the quality of service.

We provide primary assessment for a very low cost (starting from £50) depending on the type of clinician you chose to see. Further cost of treatment varies depending on the type of treatment/package that is recommended for you from the assessment. If you have medical insurance, it is best to check with your policy and insurer to see if the cover is applicable.

Packages are more complex services, usually involving several appointments for assessment and/or treatment. When you click from the menu to book a package, a nominal payment is taken (£5). Your requested appointment will show as pending so that an experienced Clinician, who is able to offer the package, may contact you. This will be to discuss what the package involves, how it works and allow you to ask any questions you may have.

This consultation may or may not result in an appointment but either way, will be helpful to inform your next steps. Packages are involved and complex so we want you to be able to discuss them fully with an experienced Clinician, before deciding to commit, or otherwise. For this reason, packages cannot be arranged at short notice but we should be able to confirm the initial consulation within a day or two.

Safety and quality are paramount. All our clinicians are experienced practitioners and those offering appointments for children have undergone rigorous safeguarding checks via the Disclosure and Barring Service. We also check and view evidence of their identity, professional registration and qualifications before they display their profiles on our website. A copy of our CLINICIAN ONBOARDING POLICY may be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

We aim to provide a clinician near you. We can also offer a consultation and treatment from the comfort of your home, using our virtual clinic (online video) or a telephone call with a clinician. This type of appointment may depend on your specific needs, type of treatment and therapy.

We want to arrange your appointment at a time to suit you. We aim to offer appointments seven days a week with morning to evening options. Telephone and video consultations may be available in the evenings. Contact us if you experience scheduling problems, so we can find a time to suit you. We can usually confirm an appointment for you within 24 - 36 hours

We also offer bespoke packages of services to schools, colleges, universities, businesses, social care and other organisations. Email info@welltechmedical.com to find out more.

We onboard new members to our professional network every week. Click here to find our more

If you have medical or health insurance, it is best to check with your policy and insurer first to see if the cover you have is applicable. They may ask you for further details. Insurers often advise for you to pay first and then claim back the cost. Your insurer will have a process to manage all this.