ADHD Assessment and Treatment Package

A comprehensive assessment is very important since securing the diagnosis or otherwise will then guide the type of help you need.

This assessment is commonly carried out by two health professionals (a Clinical or Educational Psychologist and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Information from school is collected and evaluated prior to the assessment. Questionnaires like Conner’s questionnaires or SNAP questionnaire are used to identify specific symptoms. These can also help assess the possibility of other conditions which may need attention. The clinicians take a thorough developmental history in an interview with the parents/carers. Some clinics also use QB test which is a computerised assessment for ADHD.

If the clinician gives a diagnosis of ADHD this will be via giving detailed feedback to parents and the young person. They also provide information about ADHD and advice regarding the help and support available, including medication.

If a diagnosis is not made then a detailed explanation will be given and adequate advice or signposting will be offered as required. A detailed report is then provided to the parents/carer. Each package may have different variants, including a follow up period for the start of medication (if applicable) and regular reviews.

Cost of ADHD assessment Starts from £1000.

Cost of ADHD Assessment and Treatment Package starts from 1000.00