ASD Assessment and Treatment Package

A comprehensive assessment is the starting point to find the right help for any neurodevelopmental disorder, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The steps in the assessment process are:
Initial screening using questionnaires or a phone interview.

This is followed by a clinician talking to parents/carers to get a thorough neurodevelopmental history (information about how the child has developed since birth). This may take up to two hours. Some clinicians may use a computer programme called Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI) to obtain this information from parents/carers.

This is often followed by observation of the child by clinicians in the school or college, in the class and other settings.

Following this there may be the need of a manualised assessment called the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).This is performed by clinicians spending time with the child on their own, in a clinical setting and observing their communication, social interaction and play (or imaginative use of materials). This takes about one hour to complete.

Finally two or more clinicians e.g. Consultant psychiatrist/Clinical psychologist, will bring together all the information and based on this, either give a diagnosis or give you a detailed reason for not reaching a diagnosis. A full written report will be provided, which should help support the young person with practical help and specific support in school.

Cost of ASD Assessment and Treatment Package starts from 1600.00