Cognitive Assessment Package

Your child may need a cognitive assessment:

- if you want to find out whether your child has a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia.
- if your child is becoming easily distracted, finding it hard to concentrate and is not able to keep up with school work.
This may all be having an impact on their ability to fulfil their educational potential, resulting in anxiety about their learning and progress.

A cognitive assessment is available for children aged six or above. It is performed by a psychologist in a school, home or at a clinic. There are variations between each cognitive assessment but they all measure a multitude of abilities through puzzles, activities and questions.

There are a number of assessment tools which may be deployed, chosen dependent on the pertaining context and individual needs.
The most common include WAIS, WPPSI-IV, BAS3, WRIT, WISC-V, WNC and NNAT.

After a cognitive assessment the clinician will be able to give you a feedback on the needs of your child or young person and suggest intervention or give recommendations.
The cost of package starts from £650.

Cost of Cognitive Assessment Package starts from 650.00