Sensory Assessment Package

Your child may need a sensory assessment if they show extreme response to - or fear of - sudden, high-pitched, loud, or metallic noises like flushing toilets, clanking cutlery, or other noises that other children may not even notice.

Sensory processing difficulties can be complex and affect a huge variety of day to day activities. For example, impact on a child's day to day activities including washing themselves, brushing teeth or hair, being in school or other environments where noise is common and limitations on the types of clothing they wear. Much of this may have an impact on the ability to concentrate.

In order to fully assess your child's needs, a detailed sensory assessment can be completed by an Occupational Therapist (OT) . This may include taking a detailed history from parents, nursery or school. The OT may then perform an observation in an environment familiar to your child. This may be followed by an assessment via observation in a clinic.

An assessment takes between 2 and 3 hours. Following the assessment the OT completes a report with recommendations.

A Sensory Assessment package starts at £300

Cost of Sensory Assessment Package starts from 300.00