Combined ADHD and ASD Assessment package

This package is beneficial if there is a possibility of the young person having both these conditions. This is not unusual and often there are features of ASD present in children with ADHD and vice versa.

The combined package covers most of the aspects from ADHD and ASD package, with some overlaps.

This is commonly carried out by two health professionals, (Clinical/Educational Psychologists with Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist). Information from school is collected and evaluated prior to the assessment. Questionnaires such as Conner’s questionnaires or SNAP are used to identify specific symptoms. These can also help assess the possibility of other conditions which may need attention. The clinicians take a thorough developmental history in an interview with the parents/carers. Some clinics also use QB testing which is a computerised assessment for ADHD.

Questionnaires or a phone interview are conducted, followed by a clinician talking to parents/carers to get a thorough neurodevelopmental history (information about how the child has developed since birth). This may take up to two hours. Some clinicians may use a computer programme called Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI) to obtain this information from parents or carers. This is often followed by observation of the child by clinicians in the school/college, in the classroom and other relevant settings. Following this there may be the need of a manual assessment called the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). This is performed by a clinician spending time with the child on their own in a clinical setting and observing their communication, social interaction and play (or imaginative use of materials), taking about one hour to complete. Finally, two or more clinicians - for example a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist - will bring together all the information; based on this, they will either give a diagnosis or provide a detailed reason for not reaching a diagnosis.

A full written report will be provided, which should help support the young person with practical help, including specific support in school.The cost of the combined package starts from £2000

Cost of Combined ADHD and ASD Assessment package starts from 2000.00